Introduction to the exhibition“cancões silenciosas – silent songs“ in Évora (Portugal) 2015

Texte 25. Februar 2015

Above all Erdmute Blach is a painter. But she is highly inspired by other art disciplines, especially poetry and music. Occasionally she makes a bridge, for example by adding action painting on an overhead projector to a music or dance performance: she responds, interprets, complements and creates something new.

But usually the bridge is less obvious. She paints in response to music or a poem that touched her soul. Her style is abstract expressionist, but she explores her sources of inspiration as an impressionist. Some visual artists who were inspired by music made work in which musical characteristics such as rhythm, harmony, dissonance and timbre can easily be recognized (e.g. Mondrian, Kandinsky, ..). But this does not apply to the work of Erdmute Blach. She paints in a mood that she remembers from the moment that she heard the music or read the poem. Possibly she paints with similar emotions as the composer or poet during their creation. It is irrelevant that the viewer does not see this in her work. He does not need to know the source or triggers. He is intrigued by what he suspects to see: restrained emotion?, a story ?, a rational color study or intuitive „wanderung“?

Since Erdmute Blach discovered Alentejo, nature has become increasingly important: as a key to escape from daily routines, as a source of inspiration and as an element in her visual vocabulary. She allowed green to her palette. Every day of her artistic residency starts with yoga, breakfast and a long walk. While walking she absorbs colors, shapes and patterns. Back in her studio she analyses her impressions and trusts them to the canvas, mostly in the form of large color fields and sometimes in small dots that reminds to the colors of wild iris, gorse and poppy.

“Mudança“ maybe an outsider in this exhibition, but is also a masterpiece. On three joined panels Erdmute Blach shows the development over three years of the color of a cork oak stem after having removed the bark. This painting conveys drama, strength and spookiness, even if one does not know the source of inspiration.

Erdmute Blach is motivated and energized by situations where others feel something is lacking. Emptiness gives structure to the space, silence creates stories, and uncertainty is a source of innovation.

Ludger van der Eerden, Carolien van der Laan

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