Exhibition Variations

texts 7. November 2018

The exhibition mainly shows groups and series of Erdmute Blach´s abstract paintings. Variations as a means of expression is used in all kinds of arts. As her work is often based on sound visions it is not surprising that her visual material varies particularly in rhythm, timbres, harmony and dynamic.
Balancing the options within a certain self-imposed frame the process of painting plays a crucial role. It is a serious game with limited options. This corresponds with an attitude to life – getting to the bottom of existing relations and exploring what could be linked in a different way at the same time.
In 2016 the painter took part in the Mark-Rothko-Symposium at his birthplace Daugavpils / Latvia and returned as an artist in residence in 2017. One piece that was created there can be seen in Rostock, as well as paintings that were created or begun during work residences in Portugal or Sweden. The process of examination of a topic and its´ variations often takes years.
Parallel to the exhibition in Rostock Erdmute Blach´s works can be seen in the Galleri PS in Göteborg/Sweden.
Duration of the exhibition at Internationales Begegnungszentrum Rostock: March, 23rd – June, 30th 2018